Famaco Universal Cleaner


Famaco Universal Cleaner 100ml is a stain remover liquid which removes stubborn stains from leather and fabrics. Famaco Universal Cleaner is easily applied and especially suitable for a more in depth clean on larger surface areas on any material. The 100ml bottle allows for easy cleaning on even the most stubborn stains, including dirt and tough marks and stains. When applying the product with a cloth or brush, Famaco Universal Cleaner allows a more precise and thorough clean on places which are tough to reach, such as the corners of a handbag or heel.

The benefits of using Famaco Universal Cleaner

There are many benefits of using Famaco Universal Cleaner, some of which we have listed below:
– Intense formula, used for stubborn marks and stains
– Highly effective
– Can be used on leather and fabrics
– Amazing results

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