Customer service is a top priority of M&B SHOES. All customers will be treated promptly and respectfully without regards to gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, language proficiency, social or economic status.

In M&B SHOES we are responsible for providing the best customer service possible. Our staff are empowered to make decisions that will ensure the best experience for each customer.

Our standard are defined by our customers so that we deliver the best care for them.

We will:

  • Redularly ask customers of their opinions.
  • Use these opinion to shape the service we provide.
  • Be polite, honest and accurate with the information we provide.
  • Respond to all enquiries promptly and with courtesy.
  • Inform customers of any changes or delays.

If you are not satisfied or have a complaint about the product, then please contact us:

By telephone on 0115 9983693.

By email at