Woly Suede Brush – Multi purpose


Stylish and well presented, Woly Suede Brush is the ultimate Suede companion. Clean and renew worn looking suede with this universal brush, designed to fit into the smallest of grooves with the unique shaped brush. Revive the pile in your suede footwear and bring back to life the ‘box fresh feel’ to your favourite footwear.

The benefits of using Woly Suede Brush 

Woly Suede Brush has numerous benefits, some of which we have listed below:

– Unique shape to fit all grooves of a shoe – complete care
– Brass entwined with bristles for a more effective clean
– Rubber for a firm hold and grip
– Different textures for different parts of the shoe
– Lifts pile in suede for a ‘new’ finish
– Removes light mud and dust from suede

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